How do chameleons handle shipping?


It will be a long while before I get another chameleon, but I've noticed a lot of breeders who ship. Is this not traumatic for the chameleons? How do they do with it? Do they adjust well to their owners afterwards? I just want those little dudes to be safe. Before I get another one some day, would love to know of peoples' experiences. I got Miles at a vivarium nearby.


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I will speak to my recent experience with my boy that I got from @Matt Vanilla Gorilla. He was so very carefully packaged for me. He arrived perfect. They just go to sleep for their trip so it is not stressful. It has been 10 days. He has adjusted well. I think the key here is patience. They have to learn the ins and outs of their new home and the new person that serves them. It is no different than any cham you get. They need time to adjust and build trust with you. Anyways this is the link to my thread for Bahari. On the first page you will see images of his box and then on the second page you will see the video of me unboxing him.


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Breeders should be responsible in shipping healthy chams and packing them up appropriately. Most, if not all are shipped overnight. From the little that I know they just fall asleep until they reach their destination. When I got my Cham I was kind of surprised how basic the packing was and it wasn’t shipped from Florida where I thought. But, with that I did get a healthy Cham and I am thankful. I have already decided any future chams I will get from breeders in the forum. @Matt Vanilla Gorilla and @jannb, these members have lots of pics and experience with breeding. It is very reassuring and they are great to get info from. Best of luck with your future Cham!


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The breeder I purchased mine from Bruce at chameleon paradise explained it to me like this. He ships out his chameleons @ 5pm and only ships overnight to a fedex facilities where the new owner can pick it up from there. He doesn’t ship to home because it’s more unnecessary shipping from warehouse to truck to home. At first I was like no can you just ship it my home but after that explanation it made more since.
Good question! I am so glad that you think of the chameleons well being! I have spent many, many hundreds of hours doing research and experimenting with a remote, wireless thermometer, different packaging materials, the freezer and the oven. (No chameleons were ever used in experiments. Through the years I have shipped many, many chameleons! I have never had a single chameleon die from being shipped! Ever!
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