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    Hello all. I’m new to the forum and when I first signed up I was a proud mom of 2 beautiful male veiled chameleons (Iggy) and (Puffy) and a proud new Mom to a little girl (Luna). Long story short I lost Luna 6/25 and her mate (Iggy) on 7/5. We didn’t have Luna tested because we didn’t know when she passed and Iggy’s results just came in today. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Enterococcus Species. He was treated with tazicef and baytril. We did a sensitivity panel and one was resistant to tazicef and one to baytril. Both sensitive to doxycycline. So my only surviving male (Puffy) is being treated and goes back in 2 wks for check up. I give my vet daily updates and also keep a photo diary of everything and we are stumped as to how these meds weren’t treating the bacteria and or how he (Iggy) even came into contact with it.
    Has anyone else out there ever experienced this. I’ve owned both males since they were 2-3 months old and they were a month apart age wise approx.
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    Wow that’s rough, my condolences.

    Can you please post the timeline and photo diary? And as of now do you have a best guess as to how this all began?
  3. Cham-mom3

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    Yes, it will take time to upload everything. I’m devastated he was my baby, but it started 5/2018 and is still on going.
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    Hello, first of all, sorry four your loss. Both pseudomonas and enterococcus are everywhere, there is hardly a way to avoid contact. Normally we live in harmony with them, so do our chams. But when the immunesystem is stressed for some reason it sometimes cannot cope with those yerms any more and they grow in quantity. You cannot keep your cham in complete sterility. Im not a medical expert but a family member of mine just survived cancer treatment and I read a lot about yerms. And thats what doctors explained me.
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  5. Cham-mom3

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    Oh I know that, I’m a mother of 3.
    I know it’s hard to keep out germs, I’m a mother to 3 amazing children. It was my daughter who brought my attention to our first chameleon Iggy (r.i.p). He stole my heart. I’m posting albums for each reptile of there struggles and the signs they showed that made me get them to the vet once a week for 3 wks till it was to late. The little female (Luna) was quickest, as she was only 3-4 months. Iggy took much longer to have the bacteria show. Iggys album will have from the day we got him, his first combat with illness, and the triumph and the second battle. Keeping in mind he was sick when we bought him but was told he had shed in his eye (not the case). I will also post his report as to the bacteria, as the pseudo is resistant to 8 out of 12 antibiotics. My last remaining chameleon has been put on doxycycline as that both bacteria are sensitive to only that one in common.
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    Germs, sorry for my spelling, my mothertongue is german. No, you cannot keep the germs away, no sense trying it, try to strengthen your pets immune system is what I wanted to say. Maybe some people can help you improving your husbandry when you tell them more. Wish you all the best for your Puffy.
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    Sorry for my delayed response. I went over husbandry with my exotic vet and everything was good. Vines, plants , airflow. I don’t use dirt I use green mat that I change out daily and same with the vines. I have 2 sets of everything and clean every few days. There was a total of 3 bacteria, the pseudo, enteroc, and myroides. The doxy kicked out the pseudo and he still had mucus. Did another swab and myroides and enter for him both resist to doxy but not baytril aka enrofloxacin. Just had his 3rd dose today and rather then injecting him the vet said do hornworms to prevent the sores. He’s improving and using nolvasan on his mouth daily for mucus. His follow up is 7/31
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    An update on my last remaining baby boy “Puffy”. My son named him. He’s doing fantastic and thank you all for your help with lighting and all. Puffy goes to vet at 4pm for his follow-up and the Baytril seems to be doing the job. We are all cautiously optimistic, he had gained weight his last visit, went from 126 grams to 140 in a wk so, it gives us hope. He’s been super active and has started a complete body shed which is rare for his age (approx yr), but since contracting the bacteria’s in June it’s been touch and go. Many trips to er, oxygen tanks, mouth suction, but he’s pulled through. My vets said not to be concerned with calcium and vitamins but I am, they said “get rid of bacteria then worry about that”. So I’ll ask about a liquid calcium for him. His appetite has greatly increased and he’s eaten almost all his pothos from his tank and the whole top of his money tree. Fingers crossed that all is good at upcoming appointment. I’m super nervous.

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