how can someone do this ? poor ferrets

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today I got a frantic call about 3 ferrets, one has adrenal disease , so he is already weak, and does not feel well -the owner did not keep up on the Melatonin Implants , so he is getting a new one on Monday - these ferrets were adopted out by my friend, the lady who took them decided she no longer wanted them - so my friend told her she would get them into a rescue ( not me) well, we had 22 days of rain, and then one huge storm, the rescue these little guys were suppose to go to in Cleveland Ohio flooded 3' feet deep - so all those ferrets are in foster care, ( 62 of them!) until the building can be repaired - the lady had called my friend around 9 am today - she had told my friend she wanted the ferrets gone as soon as possible - but never acted like it was a big deal or anything - just soon- 5 hrs later, my friend gets a call and the lady told her she had "thrown" all the ferrets in the drive way - she raced over, and sure enough - IN 103 HEAT INDEX- there they all sat - my friend asked when did she do this- she said, '" right after I talked to you" - so those poor things were in that heat that long- the one is not doing very well, and you can tell she did not take care of them- my friend also ran a ferret rescue, but had to shut it down due to serious health issues in her family- between this, and reading the most horrid thread on here I have ever seen - "the one" in the health section - I just feel sad tonight, but at least these little guys have someplace to stay until they find the proper homes or the rescue is repaired - the last 2 pics are of the little sick one - how could someone throw him out like trash :mad:


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Maybe post the information of the moron who did this and allow people to let them know what they think of them. They are SCUMBAGS. Someone should do to them what they did to the animals. As they say in the bible an eye for an eye.
OMG!!! that is horrible...after seeing your ferrets and "the one" today i wanna cry..this is so disheartening,these people obviously have no conscious or heart.however kudos to you for taking them in and givingthem some love and care like they have probly never seen before.
All I can say is I am glad you have them. If ever an animal will excellent care and love, it would be at your house. Could the two of us "drop" over for a visit with the jerk who had these poor babies?:mad::mad:
well, I hear she is nuts ! seriously - and I also hear she want to come here and see them- NOT ! thats just what I need is a fruit cake over here :eek: -thats ok, I will put her in the big cage I building and leave HER in the drive way - its going to be 105 heat index today- glad she flipped out yesterday when it was only 103 - :eek:
the one male, his name is Judo - is the biggest ferret I have ever seen - I will get some pics of him later- he is the one in the first pic- you can see how big his head is by my hand - good thing he is not mean- lol - they are all just so friendly and sweet -
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