How can I make my chameleon poop?

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Feeding - Im feeding him about 4 crickets every other day now. gut loaded with apple, carrots, peppers and lettuce.
Supplements - I give him exo terra calcium with D3 3-4days of the week and exo terra multi vitamin once a week.
Handling - Not alot.
Watering - and i mist him about 4 times a day for 30 seconds
Fecal Description - usualy poos once a week. brown/black with a white urate.
History - bought him off a local breeder.
Cage Type - 18,18,36 screen cage
Lighting - 5.0 uvb for reptiles, 100watt basking bulb
Temperature - ambient temp is about 70-75, basking temp is about 93, Humidity is about 60-70%
Plants - 2 fake plants and an umbrella plant
Placement - hes in my room, about 3 feet of the ground.
Location - Ontario, Canada

Im very worried about my chameleon, he hasn't pooped in almost 3 weeks! I've been told to ad some hornworms to his diet, so I did but he still hasn't pooped. I tried giving him a a warm shower but it stressed him out so I've been spraying him with warm water. Is there anything else I can do to help him out?
Long mistings can help, and sometimes handling.

I think you should be feeding him more though.

What type/age chameleon are we talking about?
Your giving him way to much d3 he should not get 4 days a week... Only 2 times a month same with the vitamins. And your probably not feeding him enough... Especially if he is a juvi
Hes a 2 year old, ambilobe panther.

I stooped feeding him as much because I noticed he hasn't been pooping. I used to feed him about 6-8 a day.
Wow, :eek: yeah, that could be severely effecting his appetite, among other things.

Stop all D3 for 4-6 weeks, and make sure he drinks as much as possible in the mean time.

6-8 sounds better. Are you feeding mainly crickets?
I've only been feeding him less this past week. So that means for 2 weeks he hasn't pooped and hes been eating the same. I think he might be impacted.

yes, his diet is mainly crickets
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