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Here are a few pictures of Houdini, our little escape artist. He's so sneaky and SO good I hiding as many Chams are. We had a scare with him when he escaped a cage and wound up at the top of a pine tree, his name then changed to Houdini. No idea how he did it but he did (that cage is no longer used!) Enjoy the pictures!


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Houdini looks great. Holy cow lol I wonder how in the world he escaped and got all the way in the top of a pine tree lol that's nuts, good thing you found him.
He was in his outside cage, I found no way he could have gotten out, of course I stuck him in it to try and see how he did it but he just looked at me like "no way lady". To get to the pine tree he had to get out of the cage, go about 3 feet, over a 1 foot wall with a 3 foot drop on the other side, walk 10 feet to the tree and then up. What an explorer! If he had a middle name it'd be Davey Crockett!
My husband had to get a ladder and pull branches trying to bend the tree top enough to get him because he was a lot higher than my husband could reach, luckily this scared him downward and I ran and got a long tree branch and as Houdini was running downward (luckily eyes looking back at my hubby) I put the branch under him and scooped him up mid run :) Thank goodness! This was after combing the yard for HOURS, me freaking out crying looking for him! We went inside and looked through the window to see if he'd come out when we were gone and sure enough luckily he did! Little sneaker, oh the rush he must have got climbing all the way up there! Thank goodness our dogs are Cham friendly and also keep the prey birds away!
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