horrible colors on Lucky

Fate X

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she is done laying now , she laid her final egg saturday ,it took 10 injections over 4 days. her color is looking better now but she has not eaten yet.
she has not eaten own her own for over 2 weeks, the last time i feed her carnvore was friday night. then saturday she laid her last egg and crapped.
she has to eat very soon sunday at the latest.

i might try smaller 1/2 " crickets .
i have not force feed her carnivore since friday i have given her some water because i am not seeing her dripdrink or airdrink i was thinking if i keep feeding her carnivore she won't get hungry cause her stomach will be full,once she craps out whatever carnivore is left in her gut then shes gotta get hungry enough to eat on her own.

does this sound right?
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