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lucky was digging and only laid 33 eggs and stil has some in her stomach and yesterday she turned a ugly color a very dark green to black i never seen her this color before she is still this color today, when i spray her she lightens up to a nice green then after she dries up 30min shes back to a dark green almost black. i been spraying her all day today i think she is dehydrated cause her eyes are dark and somewhat sunken.

anyone have any ideas whats wrong with her.

i caught her napping too and she don't never take naps during the day.
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You'll have to bite your lip this time and take her into the vet I think. Laying half clutches is apparently very serious and the vet might perscribe a drug/hormone named oxytocin to induce laying. In the mean time (Although vet appointments should have no mean-time) you can administer 0.3 CCs of liquid calcium to replenish calcium and relax muscles to ease with labour.
thanks for the info i wasnt sure about giving her liquid calcium i can hopefully get her to the vet friday or thursday whenever they can see her.
i got a appointment for them on friday morning splinter's eye is shut but she is in good health as far as eating etc. lucky is looking bad the woman from the hospital said to keep her hydrated .
If she has had a retained egg burst, it is highly likely she will not survive for a vet trip on Friday at this point. This is absolutely a life threatening and time critical condition.

i know its really sad at the same time confusing because i have watched her for months shes had a digging container in her cage almost 100% of the time and i only seen her digging last thursday-friday .
shes still strong and tries to bite .
i am hoping she is ok till friday . maybe things will be ok for her.

if you look at the thread belly full of eggs you can see her before she got dark, a few days after taking those pictures she started digging and laid 33 eggs now shes still got those lumps and also a dark color.
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Just because they have laid some eggs does not mean they are not have internal complications. They can get hung up on the intestines. I have seen a picture of a dead chameleon that sufficated because an egg was blocking her wind pipe. In the wild a veiled like yours would only produce 12-20 something eggs a clutch. Any more then that and you really need to control their food intake in a bad way.
i can only hope she survives her appointment is for 10:30 friday morning

here are the only pics of her,with luck maybe she will make it till friday and they can fix her up.

ijust seen her rubbing her left eye on a bendabranch.
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In one of the posts you made you said that you thought the 33 eggs could have been from a previous time...meaning that she laid none now? Why do you think that? What condition where the eggs in when you dug them up?

If she dug the hole and filled it in and didn't lay any eggs, then I would say that she is definitely eggbound.
she started digging a hole in the afternoon,i left her in all night,the next day at about 9am she was covering a hole finishing it looked like,maybe finshing the top of the hole then i went back to sleep until about 12-1 in the afternoon woke up went up and removed her from the egg chamber.
sprayed her,started her dripper.... then at maybe 3-4 i went up and dug out 33 eggs they are all about the same size ,the weird thing is they had stuff on them like a root-like structure about1-2 inches maybe 1-3 pieces on some eggs.

i noticed her left eye was rolling i thought she was cleaning it but today she is rubbing it on a bend-a-vine.
i been spraying her all day twice with electrolize and gave her a dose of liquid calcium.

the egg chamber was used over the summer twice she laid 49 and splinter 48 after they were done i don't remember if i cleaned out all the sand/peat from the container i thought i did but i am not sure.
i can say i am 85% sure lucky laid these 33 eggs the only reason why im not 100% is because these eggs had that root-like stuff /membrane maybe on them.
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Those are huge clutches and IMHO its very hard on the females to lay such large clutches. From what people say, laying such large clutches shortens their lives.

I control the diet and to some degree, the temperature for my female veileds...and my clutches are usually around 20 to 25 eggs. My females usually live to be over 6 years old.

The first few (two or three) days after they lay a clutch I feed them well to build them back up. Then I cut back on the amount I feed them until I am sure that they are working on the next clutch. When I know they are working on the next clutch, I feed them more again.
we went to the vet hospital today,Lucky got checked out and got a xray showing many eggs still in her belly the dr. said its difficult to see how many because sometimes what looks like 2 might be just 1 but that there are many eggs ,i seen the xray and there is a lot i forgot to ask for the xray before we left they might want to keep it anyway for future reference. overall the dr. said she is strong but low on calcium because they release a lot of calcium when there laying eggs starts. she said it did not look like any thing bursts that is good news also she said lucky is not very dehydrated,not much.

they gave me carnivore care pouch and some syringes to forcefeed her this special food 2x per day 1-2 ml that is supposed to boost her and she said since i already have liquid calcium to give her 2 drops everyday then on monday-tuesday she should be feeling better to put her back in her egg laying chamber for her to lay eggs. If she don't lay the eggs the dr. said to bring her back for a shot of that stuff that forces them to lay eggs.

update for splinter's eye while there i got splinter checked out there is a small nick above her eye that was from the summer when she mated they gave me silver sulfadiazine cream for that and trimeth-sulfa antibiotic and syringes once per day .

it was a good day to take them because it was not very cold it at all .
I was sure that the xray would show lots of eggs just from the size of her in the picture.

Glad to hear that there was nothing that had burst.

You said..."monday-tuesday she should be feeling better to put her back in her egg laying chamber for her to lay eggs. If she don't lay the eggs the dr. said to bring her back for a shot of that stuff that forces them to lay eggs"...the calcium should help her...it won't hurt her anyway...but I just hope that she can lay the eggs when you put her back into the egglaying chamber. If they don't lay them in the proper time-frame then they often can't lay them. Giving her oxcytocin might work if its within that time-frame and if there is no physical reason why she didn't lay them (like fused eggs or eggs that are too large for her to lay, etc.) but I've heard of it not working more than I've heard of it working.

You said..."there is a small nick above her eye that was from the summer when she mated they gave me silver sulfadiazine cream for that and trimeth-sulfa antibiotic and syringes once per day"...good to hear that she's on medication for it. I hope it will be better quickly!

Hope all goes well with the eggs too.

it was a good day to take them because it was not very cold it at all .
oxcytocin is what she said she would use, really i hope we don't have too, and for the trimeth sulfa surprised me because i would have thought baytril would have been a better choice,specially with chameleons small kidneys/liver but i am not the dr. and i didnt want to be demanding baytril. they said this trimeth sulfa is stronger stuff.

as far as laying her eggs the facts are she first started digging last thursday then laid them saturday today is 8 days since she started digging
tommorow will be 1 week after laying 33 eggs.
tuesday will be 12 days after started digging.
and will be 13 days since laid 33 eggs.

homestly i don't know the time frame for how many days can pass to where they cannot lay them i explained to the dr. when she first digging and 1 day later laid 33 eggs.
basically im keeping my fingers crossed because this is unexpected i never believed much in force-feeding and now i am force-feeding her this carnivore care stuff, i mean i dont think she gonna eat anything else i tried a huge silkworm,superworm and she dont do nothing.

im thinking that shes not eating cause shes still in that egg-laying cycle and force feeding her this stuff plus liquid calcium will get her strong enough to lay.
im skeptical they said 1-2 ml of carnivore care 2 times a day this stuff is a liqiud so i figure i gotta pump her up with this stuff like 2ml 2 times a day because 1 ml might not be enough so im gonna go for the max amount .
today she seems better its just that if shes so beat etc. why is she so strong then thats what has me wondering.

i guess time will tell if she has a future or not.
they look good so far.

of the 68 splinter laid only the 15 big eggs are looking good almost all the smaller ones got white mold.
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this morning Lucky got her first shot and dropped one egg in the container on the way home and another one while i was carrying her from her cage into the egg chamber for a total of 2 eggs so far.
she is not out of the woods yet.
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