Hornworm moths and their eggs....?

I have been doing a project with hornworms to see if I could produce my own without having to pay $2.50 each and having to deal with shipping. So I have 8 that pupated about the same time but only 3 have “hatched” so far & they’re doing great. I woke up to eggs so I’m hunting them down, I’ve counted over 100 so far. Can the female lay eggs without breeding? Since I only have 3 I didn’t know if maybe I didn’t get a male and female. Also will I have a worm problem due to the few eggs that I can’t find and that have fell while I was trying to pick them up? Will be moving out of rental in the next month and don’t want to start a problem for other people to deal with... thanks in advance, I know Mavi is gonna love these worms!


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If temps are in the 80’s the eggs will hatch within a week.
Last summer we had temps outside of 110 degrees and the eggs were hatching within 24 hours. Not recommend doing that, but was surprised they hatched with temps so hot.
Wow that is crazy! I have them at about 80-83 and they’re looking to turn lighter in color so hopefully we will have worms. Lol
I couldn’t find ANY deli cups big enough so I had to order some, I used 6 oz cups and made those up with 15-20 eggs in each... it’s working just as good, they’re all hatched but a couple. I have 10 cups of worms and one big delicup I had left from my last batch.


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Kinda a stupid question, but i have 2 horn worms that are to big for my 4 month old to eat. Should i wait until they (hopefully) turn into moths? Do they even turn into moths?
You can but it would be a small chance the two you have will be both a male and female, which I had the same problem only 3 turned to moths at that time... but somehow I was lucky enough and you could be too, I would give it a try. I’ve got about 200 babies now.
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