hornworm attached itself to panther head

salty dog

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This morning I fed my chams, put some rep cal supervite on some crickets and 2 hornworms in the feeder cups in all the cages, went to work and came home and found my male freaking out, I looked and somehow a hornworm attached itself to his head????? There was no damage, just shaken up sage, my cham


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A hornworm bit one of my cham’s eye lids once, I quickly helped disattach it and made sure no harm was done to him, thankfully it was only psychological. Now I always watch anything that is long enough to come back and bite my chams


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I just hopped on to look this up -- minutes ago my girl just had a battle with a hornworm. She's eaten them fine before, but this one bit her good a few times -- she was shaking it around in a way I've NEVER seen -- she then spit it out, it was terrible. Don't think either of us will want to try that again :-(
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