horn worm VS silk - is one better ?

little leaf

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are they kinda the same? or is one better than the other - I want to try to give a few squishy worm type foods- what one would you recommend ?
horn worms cant be fed as much as silkworms. i was told don't quote me on this but if hornworms are fed to often some internal organ can tear (cant remember what one). thats what my pet shop told me and they're reliable.
Horn worms are a good treat but they grow too fast for my Jacksons. By the time I feed about half of them the other half are too big and I have to give them to my turtles. I have yet to try silks but they are next on my list.
ok, well- I was after a watery worm - got one who is not pooping reg/ so I guess I will get the horn worms first, I have used silks before , but never the horn worms - Thanks for your input guys :D
that's total crap about a hornworm tearing anything in a chameleon.

Horns are mostly water, and are great for treats and for hydrating.

Silks are a better food for daily feeding.
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