honey as gutload


would it be a good idea to give honey to crickets? not as primary food but just alittle something extra?
Odd question, I suppose it would be ok, but how would keep the insects from getting stuck in it like bugs in amber? Might be messy. Folk do use Bee pollen though and its apparently highly nutritional.
Did your local shop have an amazing special on honey? :D
haha. i was eating honey and thought "hey...what the heck."
pollen makes more sense.
i was just going add a drop though....geesh:p
I've given some of my waxworm culture medium to crickets before, and they attacked it! It's made of wheat germ, bran cereal and honey. If you use waxworms, (which should only be a treat) they are gutloaded with the same thing.
I have used bee pollen as a gutload before. The crix LOVE it and I've seen them snatch it out of each other's mouths and fight over it, lol! :D
Powdered honey? Who woulda thunk it? :D
If its not sticky and gooey and intended by the god of humor to drip on your clean shirt from your toast at brekky, to me, it's just not honey! :D
I'm going to ask it here since we're on the subject - what does bee pollen contain that makes it good to include in a gutload?
If you look it up, they usually refer to it as one of the superfoods actually, like it's supposed to be full of so many good things. I think I remember it's high in B vitamins, they mentioned lecithin, other good stuff.
i use the powdered pollen for my feeders...and ofcourse my violin mantid loves it too(i can give him peices from tweezers, he doesent even need to use his bear hug skills to eat it)lol..heres a pic of the lil screwball

totally of topic pic...i know..but its fun to share..


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they totally do..well at least flying insects..so at least you are supplementing somthing that is actually missing from their diet in captivity compared to wild...
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