Holidays - Water for 3 days


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Okay, so its my first time leaving the house since I got my boy (9mo veiled). I'm only going to be gone for 3 days. His lights are all automatic, and (though hes currently on a hunger strike anyways) I'll have some crickets in the cage, in addition to the praying mantises that are already in there. There'll be a cup with a few superworms for him to find as well. Im not too worried about food.

What I AM worried about is his access to water. I read somewhere (I can't remember where - that's the problem - cant remember if it was a reliable source or not) that veileds need less water than other species of chams. Is this correct?

I have a drip system. I can't afford an automated mister at the moment. And the drip system can only be on so long (drainage purposes). My roommate's agreed to mist once a day (all I could get out of her), and the drip will probably last 2 days on a very slow drip. Is that okay? I know its obviously not ideal situations... but if I ensure I give as much water as I can before I go is it workable?

Looking for tips on what others do (without the automated mister) for a few days away! Thanks! :)
As long as your roommate is checking in on him and dripping and misting once a day he should be find. I would leave your roommate emergency numbers, vet and so forth incase there was a problem.
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