Hmmm... Not Eating?!


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Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Veiled/Yemen he's been in my care now for 12months
Handling - Once a week if that !
Feeding - Gutloading carrot, apple, sweet potatoe to winged locusts, treats once or twice a week with waxworms!
Supplements - Calcium on a daily basis dusting the locust, and a dusting of calcium with d3 once a month.
Watering - Misting at least 6-7 times, sometimes more or less depending on my work schedule, see him drink quite regular.
Fecal Description - Never been treated for parasites, feaces are black lumps with a white/yellow coating.
History - Within the first 3-4months of keeping my cham before i joined this forum i did use a waterfall wich was soon taken out after info off this site.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - 4ft width, 2ftf depth, 4tf height vivarium with slidding glass.
Lighting - 160watt solar glo producing both UVB and UVA
Temperature - I have both a thermometer and hygrometer only monitoring the higher level of the viv usually measuring 80therm 70hygro
Humidity - Hygrometer, sits around 70 due to hand misting until the monsoon system is released in the uk
Plants - 1x Pothos 1x Draceana
Location - Warrington, North West UK

Current Problem - Stopped feeding!

My Cham has gone on strike, he's on his second week now and im in fear as he's loosing wait and without food how long will he go without calcium?
Its ever since all the suppliers round my area switched there species of locust, now im struggling to track my chams favourite food, im not off work now till the weekend but i may have to go down the route of crickets, wich are best, black or brown? And what should i look out for if he fails to eat those also?
I don't know much about your light but 160 watt sounds really hot in glass. What are your basking temps? If they are too hot they wont eat. Can you buy silkworms or hornworms there? He might really go for those. Miss Lilly is from the UK and might can recommend a worm supplier there. I would also recommend using calcium with d3 twice a month and a multi vit once or twice a month.
is he acting normal other than not eatting? is he still drinking? whats colors is he displaying? if he was in good health before the strike he can go a while without eatting. a pic would help a little.
A more detailed description and/or photos of your enclosure may help.
Be sure your thermometer is accurate, despite a reading of 80f and a high watt bulb, that sounds a bit low.
Since your in the uk, are you sure your converting celcius to Fahrenheit correctly?
This confuses me in Australia too, I have to constantly do conversions. :)
I don't know much about your light but 160 watt sounds really hot in glass.

The 160w bulbs will do around 110*F at 12" from basking spot (in a tank), so I would still guess it's putting out 100*F 12" from the bulb in a Viv.

Most likely it's WAY too hot.

Ah, noticed he said 80*F ambient, you can be sure that bulb is cranking out the heat at the basking spot.
I haven't really a clue on my basking temp but its always been the same lighting since day one, he does seem to be drinking like normal, not so active tho unless ive completely drenched his viv, then he wont stay still, ive just stumbled across another thread mentioning if gutloading isn't to the correct standards then maybe the chams wont eat, im wondering whether this may be the cause as sometimes i miss feeding the locust for a few days :confused: How much are digital thermometers knocking out at these days?
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