His eye hurts!


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Hello guys, haven't been posting for a few months but, Ebenezer seems to have some debris in his eye or something.
Quite some months ago, he had something going on with his eye, so I used saline to clean it out, and it did a great job.

I've had him since he was around 5 months old, and he'll be two in July this year. I take great care of him, been on this site since my first chameleon back in 08.

Maybe 3 weeks ago, I noticed something in his eye, something yellow and a little hard? Looked like an eye booger. I sprayed him with warm water, and then he maneuvered it almost all the way out and i just used some tweezers to take it out. For the next few days he was fine. Maybe like 3 days ago, I noticed he doesn't like opening that eye, I was thinking maybe when I sprayed him, a piece of it rolled to the back of his eye and got stuck. I've been just spraying him with warm water since then, trying to help him wash it out. I'll post pictures of him. If it doesn't seem to clear, obviously I'd be bringing him to the vet. Julirs recommended Dr. Anderson, I just need to be reminded where she is? Thanks :p

Pictures were from two days ago, it hasn't gotten worse, if anything it's better, but you can still tell it irritates him to open it, and that turret seems to not be popping out as much as the other. I'm just looking for people that maybe this has happened to before. I tried to save the booger to take a picture of it, but it fell, never to be seen again.
I just went over and looked at him and he looks perfect for the time being, strolling around his cage with both his turrets at even length, but I'll keep an eye on him.

Thanks to whoever replies.


PS: he's a suck up for the camera, loves to just look straight at it and look adorable, even when he only has one eye open :p
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Poor Ebenezer. He's such a beautiful boy. Try some extra long very warm mistings. You can also wash out his eye with an eye wash or saline solution. If that doesn't help try some Terramycin or Gentamicin. If he doesn't show improvement in a week I would recommend a vet visit with Dr. Alfonso in Orlando. He's one of the best chameleon vets in the US, if not the best.
would you take a pic of your complete cage? could it have been old shed? anyway to be more descriptive "round, long, wrinkly, size, slimey, dry etc..." sounds like your taking all the right steps. try a shower chamber.
Why did you not call me? :) Come on over tomorrow and I will give you a tube of Terramycin, if it gets any worse you can go see Dr. Anderson, she is completely capable of handling this or any chameleon related issue. Trust me-I keep her busy!

This is one of my babies, and I know that Sara takes excellent care of him, her caging is fine.
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