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i have a 3-4 month old veiled named fireball she has been in a esu small fresh air hahbitat and of course the top is getting rust spots already,which is what im getting to the point of how bad esu cages are compared to the super nice chameleon cage i won on ebay.i happen to be surfing ebay reptile cages and saw this 2x2x4 all aluminum cage ,this cage all so much better then esu ,i mean it puts the esu cage to shame because the esu cages really look like trash next to this cage.
her new cage has more cubic ft.
the bottom front has a screen to clean the bottom of the cage.
its all aluminum its a silver color of the metal,i dont know who the company is that made it ,its gotta be from one of the 2-3 high end companies that make cages.

tomorrow im moving her into this nice high end cage.its been sitting here since november .i already got 2 -6ft flukers plastic vines and 4 fluker bendabranch,4 schefflera plants 2 pothos plants ,all i gotta do then is move her uvb light over along with her dripper,shes been drinking from a dripper for since the beginning of dec.i am gonna use a 8" fluker dome reflector with a 60 watt lightbulb.
after watching her today it looks like from her nose to tail she is close to half the height of her esu cage.so shes ready,she has really flourished in this cage which is un -believable when you consider how cheap the cage is made.im gonna put these vines/branches in her new cage tomorrow and set up the lights so she wont go in until the next day after i know the temperatures are safe for her because shes so precious i don't want to burn her.

i got 2 of these small esu cages and one of em is going on ebay someday and the other 4 are rusting away to the point were i have to re-screen them within 3-4 months ,my cages screen the black screen is now the color of steel because the black coating is washing off then rusting.
if you are considering buy a esu cage ,especially if your buying multibles do not buy the esu. because if you spray mist over them everyday for about 7 months they rust something ugly.
this is the cage i won on ebay. if you look you can see the rust on my esu cage. the dates are wrong on these pics i forgot to set my dates on this camera.
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