High basking temps


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I have a 3 year old veiled. His basking spot (vine) measures at 120+ with a temp gun. I have had the basking spot get hotter in the past (130+). He basks on and off through out the day. He will go in to the hot spot for a little while then move over to the cooler areas of the vine (any where from 95-110). I have other lizards who use hotter basking spots than care sheets call for and was wondering if any body on this site has experienced/experimented with basking temps. Thanks.

I would not recommend such hig basking temps, your vieled can get burns. I had veils for years and always kept their basking spots at or under 100 degrees.
Thanks for the response. He has had these temps since he was a sub adult. Never been burned. Around 3 years. I also use a 75 watt bulb so it doesn't make the ambient temps around it too hot. I've measured the vine at 140 before and it didn't burn him. These are suface temps not air temps.

Today I tried to measure his skin but I have to get close to get a good reading and well........... he's nasty. So I chickened out.

The reason I asked about the temps is I feel if he uses it then its not too hot. If anything, it gets him up to his desired core temps faster than a lower temp. I have measured the spot where he turns his body sideways with a digital probe and it gets over 140*. I'm just looking to see if anybody has experimented with basking temps and behaviour other than what care sheets tell us. Thanks :)
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