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chameleon was hiding under a box. We play hide n seek a lot. Any other fun games you play with you dinos?



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He was not hiding under the box. Chameleons do not lay down like that. It looks like he was trying to climb the box and it fell over.


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So I have locked this thread because I am not wanting to go through another time of us here at the forums getting accused of being rude to new members. I can't tell from your profile your age, or anything really, but I am putting a stop to what is inevitable here. @checklmon if you are new to chameleons please do some research here to find out how to properly care for them. If you are thinking they are pets that can be handled like this and treated like domesticated animals or worse yet toys, please do lots of research. If you are just trying to troll and get a rise from the community, go somewhere else.

There is no such game as hide and seek with a chameleon. There is however adding unnecessary stress and not understanding the consequences of it.
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