Hide and seek with my cham gives me heart attacks


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Before I close off for the day considering it’s almost 12:00 am. Today my cham decided she was going to hide from me......again. I thought she maybe escaped or something and was freaking out but she was just covered by her pothos plant 🙄😂. Also whenever I’m cleaning her cage and she’s on top she like move her head over so that she can see me and just be like “whatcha doin mom.” It’s so funny cause it’s like she’s trying to be sneaky and look over my shoulder. (Just a psa this stick does not have any termites or anything I made sure of it, it still has that outer layer which I’ll probably take off sometime this week since it’s bothering me. I tried before but it only a few parts came off. My friend works around wood I forgot what he said but he has helped me tell the sticks apart etc...)


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We've all been there, trust me! What I've learned is when you are looking for them, start at the front of the plant, and then move to the sides if possible, so you can see the plant from many different angles. I free range mine on a 20' lanai, and both my boys have caused me anxiety a few times from where they have gotten to. My male veiled is now 3, so he mostly stays on the 6' ficus that I place him on, but the 1 1/2 year old male panther wants to explore the entire area.
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