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I am planting my own hibiscus plants from seeds, is any kind of hibiscus ok? the type that I picked up is called "red shield hibiscus" just making sure before I waste my time growing it.

I personally would say it is a bit dark for my cages. I like mine to be bright. It should get around a 2' spread and 5' in height. Is non toxic to my knowledge and tea can be made from the blooms. They are a Texas plant that should bloom from June to October. Nice when they do bloom they are creamy white and set off great from the burgundy leaves. Not a direct light plant which is not a bad thing for intention of using in a chameleon cage. Attention will have to be made as so not to over water it.

I would like to see a bonsia of this plant. That would add some good color variation in the cage without making it to dark. I would make it like a secondary plant. Even when bonsia it will still produce blooms just smaller. I will be looking into these some more. With a good gradient in the cage and smaller size moving the plant around maybe able to give it dormacy time while still in the cage.
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