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Hi my name is Billy. I recently got my very first reptile, a veiled chameleon.
I just got him today.

He hasn’t been eating since I got him this morning and its 9pm.When I first brought him home he was a nice light green now he’s a dark green. Am I doing something wrong, or is this normal?
I have him in a 16x16x30 mesh terrarium. Right now i dont have any light on him because its 30 c in the room he is in.
Do some major research. Chameleons need very specific care. He will need the correct UVB lighting as well as a basking heat lamp that is set to the correct temperaure for his age. You can get alot of good information on this site.
I have a uva/uvb Light fixture but iv been looking around and everywhere seems to be sold out of the proper bulb. I was told not to turn it on because its 30c in the room.

Can you give me a link to a good site that can help me out?

And BTW im from Toronto, Canada
There are many good people on this site from Canada that I am sure will point you in the right direction. The UVB bulb is not for heat, but is essential for Chameleons to metabolize calcium and keeps them from getting terminal illnesses such as MBD. A seperate heat lamp is needed as heat helps the cham digest food. Read everything you can. You need to get your little one set up as soon as possible to keep him from getting ill.
What should i do about the heat in the room?is it ok if the temp in the room is 30c? and also the house doesnt have central heating or air conditioning, so the house gets pretty hot during the summer.
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