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Hey, how is it going? Although I do not own a chameleon, I signed up for these message boards to get a better understanding on the animal before I purchase one. Over the past several weeks I have become a chameleon enthusiast ever since my visit to the local pet shop. These curious animals charmed me at first site. One in particular crawled all over my shoulder, arms, and head. I knew at this point in time that I would have to own one. During the next following weeks I did a lot of internet research, and came to realize that chameleons are expensive and difficult animals to maintain. I really want to buy one, but this is not going to happen until I fully educate myself on the animal. There are a million questions I have to ask the veterans who are experienced. If I can have the e-mails, instant messenger names, yahoo, etc of any of the experienced chameleon owners it would be great. If any of you got the patience, I got like a million questions. My e-mail is [email protected] and my aim name is uradorkioi
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Hello AlfonsoR, welcome to the chameleon forums :)

It is great to see you are doing your research before purchasing a chameleon. Cheers to you.:) You are welcome to send me a private message or post any questions you have on the forums. You will probably get better results if you ask your questions in the forums, that way multiple people can offer their advice. I am sure there are other people lurking about with similar questions as well.

Some quick tips:
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hey al,

If you have anymore questions, ask here too. These guys are very talented with advise as well as good people. Just wanted say.
thank you for the advice, cham freak (I think that was you who e-mailed me).. regardless, I am glad that I found this little haven for chameleon lovers online. you guys seem like very knowledgeable and helpful people.
Yes its me :)

Like I said, these guys inform me too, I can lead you in right direction but feel free to ask in here to. Good luck
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