Cham Pet Sitting


Hey all!

Coming at you with another weird question. I found out this week that I was accepted to the Mayo Clinic and will have to go to MN for about a week and a half to two weeks. Likely in August or October.

My dad is going to take me, so my husband will be home, but he does shift work- so sometimes he’ll be gone super early in the morning and sometimes he’s gone over night.

I’m trying to plan ahead and make sure Andarna is taken care of correctly, which leads me to this question:

How stressful is it on Andarna if I transport her to a very trusted friend and animal lover? Like if I were to take her entire habitat, misting and lighting system and set it up at their house while I’m gone? Is that going to freak her out too much? I have a couple months, so just trying to work out as much ahead of time as I can :)
I think she should be ok if she’s going to be there for awhile. I would be afraid that she would be too stressed if she were only going to be there for say a week and then moved again.
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