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Sup guys, i'm new to chameleons so I just wanted to show you guys my setup and veiled. I've kept many turtle species and snakes, but this is the first cham ever. I got most of the info on this site, so thanks for the help so far but let me know if i did something wrong :D

Chameleon Info:

* Your Chameleon - Veiled Cham, approx a little over 3months, sex unknown. i've had it for a little over a week now.
* Handling - every other day just before feeding.
* Feeding - Feeding gut loaded crickets and offering different types of worms which he has never touched. I offer a 3 cricks and a 2worms each morning; i'm cup feeding and it works perfect.
* Supplements - Rep-Cal calcium powders, with/withou d3 and vitamins. dust every meal but haven't given w/d3 nor vitamins yet.
* Watering - Mist 3 times a day and have an IV drip system :D (the wifes a nurse and she scored me some new empty bags.
* Fecal Description - slimey brown with a white speckle at the end of it, is this normal?
* History - "Rescued" him form Petco >_>

Cage Info:

* Cage Type - DYI wood/screen 24"x18"x36"tall
* Lighting - heating/uvb lighting.
* Temperature - haven't really checked on this like i should. But the closest heat bulb is 8inches away from the ropes. He tends to bask there for a while before cruising around his place.
* Humidity - another thing i must buy a gauge for, mist 3 times a day, live plants, and drip system
* Plants - dwarf schefflera and golden pothos. along with a fake plant up top.
* Placement - Cage is located in corner of the living room that has a cieling fan running 24/7/ not alot of foot traffic in that area. Highest part of the cage is almost 6' off the ground.
* Location - Southwest Texas

QUESTION and Concerns:

1. Is the poop supposed to look like that?
2. How do I get it eat some worms?
3. Sexing, it looks like it has a spur on the hind legs but not in the front, can someone help me on this issue? male or fmale?
4. Let me know if he looks healthy enough, thanks.






Hi and welcome :)
First, be aware that handling your cham can either be cool or make him hate you. I used to handle mine like once a day for a minute or two and one day out of nowhere he decided he was done with me and treats me as if I'm going to steal his soul. If yours is cool with it, cool, but know they generally are not social animals.
What are you gutloading with?
A baby that age should be eating 12-15 small crickets a day. Up the amount. Always make sure the feeders are not wider than the space between your cham's eyes.
What size worms? What kind? If they have grip like silkworms, try putting them on the branches to make it more interesting for him.
When you start using d3 and vitamins, do d3 twice a month and vit. 1-2 times a month. You can pick a day of the week and switch them off every week.
How long do you mist for?
Brown and white are good colors. White means well hydrated, if it's yellow or orange he's dehydrated.
What brand bulbs are you using? A housebulb is good enough for heat, I'd say don't go higher than 60watt (use a digital thermometer [not analog] to make basking spot in low 80's), maybe lower wattage. Most people like ZooMed Reptisun linear bulbs for uvb, compact bulbs can harm their eyes.

Try to get a picture of the back feet, we'll tell you for sure.
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