Hey!! I'm new here!! (Long post)

First shed since I have had him
Bonding has been going well, and faster than I thought it would. For the most part he will willingly climb onto something I'm holding onto and then up onto my hand. The past few days when he has done this I put him on his tree (which is actually just a good sized Royal Palm in my room) and it went well the first two times. I let him climb around a bit and then he crawled back onto my hand. Earlier today didn't go as well, he was less willing to climb onto my hand but I insisted on waiting and then once he got on his tree it wasn't easy to get him to crawl onto something to get him off. I think he may of been irritable since he was about to shed. Next time he doesn't immediately climb on my hand I will just let it go for the day.
"play time" or "recreation" went smoothly today even though he still has a little shed on his cask. I moved his large plant closer to his cage so he could climb out just about on his own, and then he later climbed back in on his own w/o displaying any territorial colors unlike yesterday.
Also, I found a screen cage I want to get. The brand is Zilla and its 30 x 18, 30 so it will fit my stand I have now but it will be a good bit taller. I want to get it asap but life is making it difficult, I just found out I can't buy books or access codes w/ my student loan, so hopefully soon. I leave the top of his tank open while I study or when I'm in my room.
I read that veiled chameleons can have three different growth rates depending on how much their fed. I feed the guy around 6-8 crickets a day and I'm pretty sure it's working because he's shedding once a month which is what i also read was optimal.
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