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Hey everyone! I'm brand spanking new here, and i Just bought my first chameleon 2 days ago! I love her shes GREAT! I have a wonderful little home set up for her, and she is so darn cute! Anywhoo, I also own a TON of fish, and a pair of beardies!
Its great to find a forum for Chameleons too!

hello welcome to the forum i havent been a member her long my self but evryone is very friendly and helpfull u will really like it here
This site is a plethera of information. If you have fish and beardies, it would appear that you have the dedication to look after some pretty care intensive animals. Hello, and welcome to the forums!!!
Haha, thanks everyone!!! She's a veiled, i got her from Super Pet. I think i paid a little too much though :S im out in vancouver bc canada, and origionally i paid 160, then i shopped around and told them i felt like i got a little ripped off so they have given me 30$ credit. I suppose paying 130 isnt too too bad. She is awesome, she was eating immediateally after i put her in her tank at my place. So she must be healthy, and the move must not have stressed her out too much!

and i like the plethera of information comment! yes, i can see that there is indeed a plethera of information, and its nice to get posts replied to so quickly!

if you wouldnt mind, please check out my other post under the enclosure section because i have a few questions regarding how i will build her permanent setup. right now shes just in a temp 30 gallon tank.

Thanks everybody! Its nice to have such a warm welcome!!!

Oh ya, and i'll post some pictures soon! I see that i can create a personal gallery, so i'll let you know when i've made my first additions!!!
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