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Hey everybody, how is it going? I've been into herps for a long time but i just finally got myself an ambilobe chameleon and have been looking for a chameleon forum site. I've been debating if it is male or female and have been looking for people to help me out so hopefully here pretty soon i can post some pics and get some opinions.
Aside from that i have a breeding pair of bearded dragons (just had first hatchlings of the year earlier today). My male is a sandfire and my female is a german/snow. I also have 2 small reef tanks. One is a 7 gallon bow and the other a 16 bow. Well, thanks and I look forward to talking to some of you soon.

also from colorado

Hello everyone, my name is Jon and i too am from colorado, in fact Pablo and i work at a pet store together. The site for our shop is www.monsterreef.com I too bit the cham bug and Pablo and I both purchased ambilobe panthers at the end of January. Ours were both from the same breeder, however, i am absolutely positive that mine is a male and we arent too sure on the sex of pablos.

Its great to finally find a cham only forum, with members who really know what they are doing! hope to talk with you much more in the future!

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