He's on his way!


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well i finally got back from my vacation and am finally ready for my little guy. he will be here before 10:30 tomarrow morning and i cant be anymore excited ive had the cage running all day with the pm-50 mist system doing its cycles and everything is working perfect. my temperatures are in the 80s and basking temperature is 89, sound ok? anyways ive had a few leeks but nothing major, just a few drops. just something ill have to deal with and clean up everyday. ill post pictures as soon as he arrives, i dont know if im going to be able to sleep tonight :D
what kind

what kind of chameleon have you ordered. (if you've already said so in an earlier post forgive me i havent read it)
Azog is a beautiful veiled ... I want one :)

We want pictures! What cage size are you using? It is easier to give temp advice if this is known.
AH! That was me just a little over two weeks ago. Congratulations! I know how exciting it is...and you probably won't sleep too much...I didn't! But the excitement will drive you for a while, so you won't need the sleep anyways! :) Good luck and can't wait to see the pics!
well im using a smaller cage for a few months and then im going to upgrade, but the cage size now is 12*24*26. i surprised i did get sleep last night, im just freaking out right now just waiting here, lol. only hours until he arrives!:D
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