Hes likes that position!


Hello forum! Its about a month now,when i open the door he running out and he goes up top and stays at this position.on top of arcadia lamp(cuz of heat i guess).is there a problem with it?its not so warm up there but he like it!
Hes 8 months old veiled chameleon!
Ps:when he goes there i turn of basking lamp to avoid thermal burns


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Klyde O'Scope

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He's climbing up there because it's the highest location he can get to, and chameleons feel safer the higher up they are.

In addition to thermal hazard, I would also be concerned about potential electrical hazard.

Why are you allowing this? :unsure:

If you want to give him some enrichment by letting him out, placing him on a plant would be a much better option, IMO.


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If your intent is letting him out to free range, like @Klyde O'Scope said, providing an elevated plant, let’s say adjacent to or in front of the enclosure, is a great option. You can use a vine leading from a stable spot in the enclosure connected to a stable location on the plant, leave the door open, and that is (hopefully) where he will go.

You can use a tall ficus or different types of Dracaena, for examples.

If free range is not your intent, and he climbs out every time you open the door, then he may be trying to get away from something in his enclosure.
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