hes goin make sweet babies...

Discussion in 'General Photography' started by robmd1, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. robmd1

    robmd1 Avid Member

    Well everyone posting pics of there falys so i figured id join in an post a few of bobbies boy...Yall that are thinkin c/b lose the yellow lips better go bk to the drawling board cause he blows that theory...

  2. coldbloodedAL

    coldbloodedAL Avid Member

    Wow Rob! This guy is one awesome Faly! Gotta love those yellow lips!:D
  3. robmd1

    robmd1 Avid Member

    now thats a faly...
  4. yankfanthom

    yankfanthom Established Member

    How old is he now? Looks awesome Rob!
  5. robmd1

    robmd1 Avid Member

    hes 11 months old..
  6. mychamtini112012

    mychamtini112012 New Member

    He's amazing! What are his lines.?
  7. robmd1

    robmd1 Avid Member

    his dad was from raiden an his mom was from one of pams chams lines..
  8. okiroo

    okiroo Avid Member

    thats one beautiful cham. :)
  9. raphael14

    raphael14 Established Member

    stunning!!! awesome cham congrats
  10. alpayne

    alpayne New Member

    He is looking fabulous, Rob! You still have his sire, right?
  11. melric

    melric Established Member

    Very nice. I like him.
  12. clarkrw3

    clarkrw3 New Member

    He looks great Rob!! I just love all the white he is getting as he grows up. Glad I have his sister to add to my lines.
  13. robmd1

    robmd1 Avid Member

    lol you should see him fire up thats his resting colors.. ill haveta take some pics when he gets pissed..you scored on that female shes def a keeper you wont be guessin if shes a faly or not huh.. you either huh alpayne lol this guy def proves out ur females..

    thanks everyone for the compliments
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  14. robmd1

    robmd1 Avid Member

    Realy haveta come up with a name for this guy other then bobbies boy...
    he shed today an i thought he was lookin pretty good so took a few pics.
    Im not posting this for a debate im posting them for people who wanted to see them....
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  15. robmd1

    robmd1 Avid Member

  16. chameleoman

    chameleoman Established Member

    just curios here:rolleyes: how much do falys run on? like how much they cost/ price range?
  17. coldbloodedAL

    coldbloodedAL Avid Member

    This guy is wicked man, how old is he?
  18. Davonat

    Davonat New Member

    Where can I get 1 that looks like that?????
  19. clarkrw3

    clarkrw3 New Member

    Awesome shots Rob!!!! And he is just one awesome cham! I am SO excited to have his sister for my project and she should be laying in a week or so :D:D:D I can only hope her offspring are half as good as her brother.
  20. Ace

    Ace New Member

    he looks great rob,

    his barring needs to be more blue lol, just cuz i like blue barring

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