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i think my chameleon's foot might be infected. I wasn't sure b/c it didn't seem to be bothering him so we thought it might have been a birth defect or something but it looks like their is like a black dot or something on it if you look close. I'm worried and don't know what to do. He seems to be eating and drinking good
it looks swollen but it dosen't seem to bother him. that's what im confused about cause we thought it might have been just a birth defect but now there is like a black dot scabby looking thing i cant really tell what it is so im starting to think that there is some kind of infection or something.
yea i can post a picture. it looks like both of his toenails are there though it's just like a blackish dot inbetween them
if u post a pic it would help everyone out and it will make it easier to help with your problem
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