Your Chameleon - Nosey be panther,male,9 months this month,i had him since jan.2012
Handling I handle him at least once every other weekend or when i clean his cage
Feeding - I feed him crickets that gut load with fresh vegis, carrots,greens,bee pollen.etc,everyday ,about 10-12
Supplements -repcal multivit, and repical cal with d3
Watering - we use spring water,a monsoon 400 and we mist him 4 times a day for 45 secs,and we see him drink
Fecal Description brown droppings with white tip and roundish but he has not been tested
History -i got him through screameleons

Cage Info:
Cage Type screened cage.16x16x20
Lighting -i use 1 blue daylight 65watt bulb with ova,1- 20" reptisun 5.0 uvb tube,it turns on at 6am and goes off at 7pm
Temperature - he has 3 levels first level 90 to 100,2nd level 85 and 3rd-75. night temp is about 71-72,i measure with digital probes
Humidity i use the misters and its about 65 to 89 when the misters run but the humidity drops in between mist
Plants -umbrella plant
Placement -it is in a room by itself. and the top of the cage is about 7ft from the top to the ground
Location - East tennessee

Current Problem -right eye was slightly closing and now that is not happening he does not eat at this point


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do you have plain calcium with no d3? if not, you will need to get some. How often are you using the repcal with d3. You should not be using that at every feeding if you are, especially repcal as it contains high levels of d3.
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