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I was wondering what ways there is to make branches stay in a cage. I just got and built my cage from diy and I'm ready to start decorating. I got a large, medium, and 3 small bend a branches from fluker. I'm kinda at a loss right now because I can't think of a good way to do this.
the bendy braches you may have to scure with zipties throught the cage, you will need to get small zipties and use a small pionty odject to strech out holes in the screen. i use real sticks and put thumb tacks through the screen into the wood to hold it. but i dont think tacs will stick well into bendy branches.
I do the same as hoj, but i have the vines from exoterra...

i also use metal floral wire ( i know not the best ) but its what i have to make do with atm...
Ok very cool. I'll try thumb tacks first but if they don't hold up good enough I'll use zip ties. Thanks for the help guys.
I use the flat head tacks to push into the branches. Some of the bigger branches need two tacks. Easy to move the branches if I need too.
Electrical ties

I use electrical zip ties, they even come in green and a range of sizes. Tie round the branches pull tight and cut the excess with scissors.
I personally use scisors or a knife to basically strip the foam branch material off the ends, and expose about 1/2" of the wire inside the branch. Then just stick that wire thru the metal cage, and bend it with pliers so it stays on. Works well for me since I don't have to cut off a bunch of zipties etc to clean cage or swap plants
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