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my veiled chameleon is just laying on the bottom of the cage, he is moving a little but not alot. think he is dehydrated i sprayed a little bit of water on him and he drank it, not sure if he really did or if it just came out of his mouth.
he hasnt been acting right for about a day, but this morning i thought he was dead. i ve read everything i can/could and i dont know what to do. i fear its to late.


his eyes are shut and havnt opened. nothing has changed in his cage feeding the same things watering the same way.
If he looks dehydrated mist him lots and lots. I would also see a vet -now. If you do nothing he may die quickly, I would hurry to see the vet.jmo
Be very careful that he doesn't aspirate the water. When they are that sick that they sit with their eyes shut its not hard to do. Sounds very bad for the chameleon...only chance is a vet right away.
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