I have a mister and a fogger for my cage. I live in upstate NY so the weather is usually cold and dry I figure I have to mist often to keep the humidity up, but I would have the mister go off every 1-2 hours for 45 seconds and the fogger would go off about 3 times a day for a half hour. (This is what a pet store worker suggested). So obviously with this the bottom of my cage began to get water logged and the fogger left my floor continuously wet which I then feared mold so I moved everything out and shampooed and dried the rug. Any suggestions on what my mister and fogger should be set at so that my cage is not waterlogged and the floor is not soaked but yet still gives my veiled Cham the proper conditions needed?
Thank you!:)


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measure your humidity throughout the day so you can dial it in to proper amounts. high humidity continuously is not healthy for some chameleons. The cage should be completely dry between mistings.

You would also benefit from a drainage system to collect all the runoff water. There is a whole thread on drainage systems in the "Enclosures" section of the forum. Proper drainage will allow you to mist longer and less frequently to maintain the humidity in the proper range.


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the mister should go off for a minimum of 2 mins each time. It is also probably good to only use the fogger in the winter when the air is super dry. chameleons need a drop and spike in humidity like mentioned above. they are more at risk for a URI at a stable humidity.
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