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Cage type- We have a very large cage, all with screen doors.
Lighting- Reptisum 10.0 UVB with two heat lamps
Temperature- Around 80 degree F daily at top near the heating lamp, about 4ft difference from lamp to bottom of cage
Plants- Many plants in the cage, all fake
Location- Cage is located in the basement, not near any vents. Top of the cage is around 4 ft from the ceiling.

Chameleon- Veiled chameleon, Male, around 3 years old, we have had him for around 1.5 years.
Handling- Not handled very much
Feeding- A diet of mostly superworms. He hasn't been eating as much lately. Gutloading consists of a veggie mix
Supplements- He gets calcium with every feed and D3 once a month. The brand is Zoomed. Multivitamin once a week.
Watering- WE manually mist once a day at the minimum and have a constant drip of water.
Fecal Description- Droppings have been smaller than usual, due to the decrease in appetite. Normal color and consistency.
Current Problem- We found our chameleon on the floor of his cage, so we are pretty certain that he had fallen. In our hands, he is laying on is side and looking hurt. He looks lethargic and doesn't seem to want to move at all. Very concerned.



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He looks dehydrated feed hornworms to help with hydration. Get a automated misting system, MISTKING.COM is a good website to look at for that. You can also make a dripper using a water bottle. I would drop the temp and get a 75 watt bulb. For supplements I would use Repashy Supercal NOD. & Repti calcium without D3. Reptivite With D3 since your guy is indoors, Repashy Calcium plus LOD. These are all good brands to use for your guy. Buy real plants thats always better. I would be more concerned on the feeders and hydration , you should give superworms as a treat to them not on a daily basis. A variety of insects like silkworms, dubia roaches, hornworms, chines mantisis, superworms, etc. But mostly you should give him crickets on a daily basis and treat other feeders like dubias and superworms there as treats due to there exo skeleton. The lethargicness maybe from all the superworms hes been fed. and probably not able to digest proberly. Focus on hydration and stay away from the superworms for a while. Hope this helps.


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If it is 80 F at basking it is too cold. Is your UVB at T5 or T8 linear fixture with 10.0 florescent bulb? What are your humidity levels? When you mist is it multiple times a day for more then 2 minutes at a time? He looks extremely dehydrated. Super worms arent that super for being the only feeder. I would say he needs a vet.
Link to the care sheet read though this and it will point out issues with your husbandry that are contributing to his health issues.
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