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Their is a lay bin in her cage she’ll walk by it and not use it . I use play sand and water it daily . She just sits at the bottom of one of her plants .
Does the bin have drainage in the bottom? You might have to make a starter hole for her. She needs more branches and vines, mostly horizontal, everywhere throughout the cage. Could you fill out this form, please?

Fiona's Mom

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What size is her lay bin? It should be no smaller than 12X12X12 and 10" sand 10" deep. Sand should be moist enough that if you dig a will not cave in. Good Idea to put a stick in it if pot is deep so she can climb in and out. Also...if in high traffic area or she can see you...she might not lay...put a temporary cover. It helps too if you dig a starter hole. Best of luck to both of you.


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As @Fiona's Mom was saying she probably feels to exposed to dig. I hang sheets around my females cage when she’s getting close to laying and I have a web cam setup so I can see if she digging before I disturb her. Can also watch the process without bugging her.

When she is digging you do not want her to see you. It can make her abandoned her hole and possible become egg bound.
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