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Hi, I`m not sure if I`ve uploaded my pics right. But if I have, this is the young yemen I`ve resued. He has a few skin problems, I could do with some advice. I couldnt get very good pics of his spikes along his spine, but they look rotten, and as you can just about see there is a gap between the spine and the spikes


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Ah, I did do it right :) I`m not too sure of his age but I think he`s about 2. He`s very settled with me and loves to be out walking all over me. Ive managed to get him eating now but his skin is a mess. Ive bathed him and rubbed olive oil on his patches and the white skin has come off but the black patches are still there. Its his spikes along his spine i`m most concerned with, its really horrible to look at. Thanks
Oh poor chameleon. The spine and the spot on the side looks like it's due to burns. It's tough to say how bad/raw is it via photos but with something like a large burn I would take him to the vet, just to make sure you get some antibiotics and keep any infection at bay. And with a chameleon in this condition, a thorough check-up would do him a lot of good because he might have several other issues going on and it would be better to have a professional help get him back into fighting shape.

Thank you for rescuing him, though. Whoever had him before was definitely not taking great care of him.
Thank you for the advice. I will take him to the vet asap. He`s such a lovely boy, he enjoys being out and he`s always a lovely bright green. The people i took him from think I`m going to get him well and then hand him back to them, but that wont be happening, he`s mine now and i will be getting him well again. They told me that he hisses and bites, he never has done at me, he seems very content :)
HA! Yea, I wouldn't give him back for anything, that's obviously not a good home for him.

That's great that he's so docile!
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