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I have a Chameleon that has been growing, eathing, drinking perfect for about a year. Yesterday i noticed a redish pink thing hanging down from where he goes to the bathroom. I looks like he is trying to go, but can not. This thing is hanging down from him, and it looks bad. Did he swallow a piece of bark? I am not sure what to do. Please advise.
Hello aleclair, welcome to the chameleon forums :)

Yesterday i noticed a redish pink thing hanging down from where he goes to the bathroom.
A little more description would help (picture). Did you see this while he was going to the bathroom, or just by itself? Sounds like it could simply be his hemipenis, although I would assume you would have seen that already after a year. I have to leave to attend a meeting, but I will find some pics and post a better response when I get back.
Without more details, I am going to assume what you are seeing is his hemipenis. It is not unusual to see this once in awhile, but it should not remain outside of his body for too long. You mentioned it started yesterday and remains a problem. That worries me; sounds like a hemipenis prolapse.

This article can give you some good info on the subject (includes pics): AdCham - Hemipenis prolapse article

You should really visit an experienced reptile vet in the morning if the problem is still present. The protruding tissue can actually dry out and die, which would obviously be very bad for your little friend. A pale pinkish color means it is still moist. The darker the color, the dryer it is becoming. A vet can help diagnose the problem and hopefully fix it (don't try and do this yourself).

If this is the problem and you are able to see a vet, it might be helpful to print out that article for your vet's reference.
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Ive seen my cham do that but for not for very long at all. I think I saw it last time he shed. Should I be worried?
I don't know if I have seen the exact same thing but just yesterday when herbie had a B.M. he had what kind of liked like a cork scew peice of left over matter that had not dropped yet. at a quick glance it may look like a worm, with an off white fleshy color. it stayed there over night and then dropped in the morning. This has happened a few times, I feel that it is normal because on occations i will see the same thing in a B.M. that has full dropped. (Make any sense?) Defently check out the sorces the fellas gave you, but hopefully It's just part of his B.M. If it is it should be gone pretty soon you could always give him a nice warm spray down to help get things moving.
same here, I never even heard of this till tonite. I also hope your cham isnt suffering from this! Good luck, maybe good ole trip to herp vet would help this matter.

I have some pic's. Not very good, but I am afraid to move him. I think this hurts him alot. you will notice the "Think" hanging down from him. It is red to pink in color.


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That does not look good. Your chameleon is definitely suffering from some kind of prolapse. I can not tell from the pictures, but possibly a rectal prolapse. If my math is correct he has been suffering from this for 2-3 days atleast. He must go to a vet as soon as possible. He will not survive otherwise. Call around for some experienced reptile vets. Keep the tissue moist with luke warm water until your vet can see you. Otherwise, It will dry out and die off.

Besides the prolapse, what is his current condition? Still climbing? Eating? Drinking? Has he been passing waste?

[thread=67]help finding a vet[/thread]
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It has been about three days. My kids pointed it out to me. They said it started the other day. I had no idea what to do at first. i started reading and couldn't find anything about this kind of issue. I thought maybe it was laying eggs or something. I finally got in touch with someone who knows about lizzards, and without even seeing him, said it was a prolapse. I tried to keep it wet, but i think it might be to late. It looks like it has dried. I called a vet tonight and left a message. I will bring him a/s/a/p. his color is still the same, but he is not moving much. He is drinking a lot of water, but not eating. I hope is is not in any pain.
Sadly pain is not avoidable. By calling vet you have takin the next proper step. You must stress to vet that it is emergency but with out declaring it. They will charge more if emergency call made but, if urgency call made you almost get same care. Unless you can see wound, keep it moist. Look at your cham for any weakness or pain.
Unfortunately, he probably is suffering. Hopefully your vet can see him in the morning and do something to help.

Chameleons are very delicate animals and require a more extensive setup than the average pet store either knows about or is willing to confer. To make it worse, chameleons are not only great at hiding their location, they are also good at hiding their problems. Unless you really know what to look for the chameleon can be going through difficulties for some time before they become obvious. An obviously sick chameleon a lot of times does not recover, even with the help of a vet.

If you want to [thread=66]describe your setup[/thread] and what you are feeding him, we might be able to help you determine what caused the problem. I can tell you genuinely care and want to help your childrens' pet. I hope it works out for you.
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I am afraid that Carl has died. I am very upset. He was a great pet. I feel so bad for him.

I am not going to replace him. I feel guilty about his death. I should have taken him to the doctor sooner. I just had no idea.

I just hope he didn't suffer much. He will be deeply missed. :(
So sorry about your loss. That really stinks. keep you head up though. unfortunitly we all have to take that ride some way. life is so delicate. Just remember it's all about the time we get to spend. hope the kids are okay. Give them a big hug from all of us.

I truly am sorry to hear about Carl. Best wishes to you and your family.
I wish I had joined these forums a week ago. From the very first post I knew that it was a hemipenal prolapse that was being described. I quickly read through all the posts hoping I wasn't too late. I have given advice to someone else earlier this year whose chameleon suffered from the same thing. The chameleons can be saved but it is a medical emergency and I would stress to everyone that if this happens to your chameleon don't waste time posting and waiting for answers on forums, get your cham to the vet ASAP :(
I am also sorry for your loss and hope that it doesnt have any justification about future details about owning another cham.
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