Help! Strange Chameleon Behaviour?


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Hi everyone,

I've signed up especially to post this query!

I have a young male (4 months old) and he is an Ambilobe red bar panther cham, so his normal colours range from dark green with dark red bars to a pale yellow with bright red bars.

I had him out this evening, and all of a sudden he turned bright yellow and red and his face turned completely yellow with really dark blue stripes and he started to violently bob and jut his head up and down...
Is this anything to be worried about? He hasn't done it before...

Please help!


I have photos if anyone would like a better idea of the colours he is displaying.
Sounds like you have aroused him, and that he is a little older than 4 months old in total age. Did he see a female panther?

He wants reptilian love.
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