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when i first got my chams he always was in the floor trying to get out and he hurt him self in both side of the head. but he stopped doing it. but now he started doing it again dont know why. nothing have changed, i did put some smaller plastic screen on the inside so he cant hurt him self. what could i d to stop this behavior?
Can you explain what you are describing a little better? I am not sure I understand what you mean. It may help to get more and better suggestions.


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Many chameleons get stressed by being in an enclosure too close to the ground or at least not being able to be above the head of their keeper. All of mine bask at or above 6 feet off the ground. The tops of my 2x2x4 enclosures are at 6' 8" above the floor. In phone surveys, none of my chameleons report any stress due to being too close to the floor :rolleyes:.
the cage is in the ground but it is like 7 feet tall, he bask at the top and move around the cage. but somtimes go down and start like trying to get pout of the holes in the screen. if I cover the floor with phottos? could this help?
If its a 7 foot cage then its unlikely he's overheating. How old is he? Is it possible he is "coming of age" and wants the car keys?
the cage is outside in the backjard so i think hes trying to get out to climbs other trees, but he have 3 huge ficus and a big palm tree with like 3 phottos in the cage. sohe have plenty of space to hide and to climb.
Is there a possibility that he feels threatened by something that he sees? I see that you have a pretty see through cage. Does he only do this when you arrive to check up on him? Has he ever done this type of behavior when he was at the top of the cage too?
he does this when i am not around. when he sees me he runs back to the top. he can see some lizards, anoles etc. when i first got him he did this just in the top of the cage. but i covered half of it and it stoped now is just on the floor,
maybe he is a she? does the chameleon have spurs on his rear feet? if it is a female she might be trying to dig in order to lay eggs... just a thought.
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