Help plz! my panther is havin some eye troubles:(


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Hi,my panther chameleon is having eye problems,both of them are closed,and they seem to bulge out like normal eyes do while still being closed,then one minute they are sucken in,then his eyes look fine all of the sudden. I took him to the vet,she said it might be hes not getting enuf water,and she gave me a seringe and eye drops to drop on him everyday. And now it seems hes getting worse!
plz help,i would like for you to email me at [email protected] for your replies
Doh,nm i forgot my camera needed charging,ill try to find a pic on the internet close to what hes like now.
It sound like your chameleon is very dehydrated. When a chameleon is dehydrated, its eye will sunk in and you can actually see the eye socket. Try to get him into a shower (stimulate rain) for 15 - 30 minutes to rehydrate him. See if this will help. Post us a picture ASAP so we can figure out what went wrong with your chameleon!
Hello Bucky, welcome to the Chameleon Forums :)

While you are waiting for your camera to charge, I highly recommend compiling some info on your chameleon and setup so that we can better help you. Check out the link below for recommendations.
I agree with Brad. Post as much information as possible and you can use the recommended guidelines in the link to help you. Pictures would be beneficial as well.

Hi,guys im sooo sorry i didnt reply sooner. Well I drip water on a leaf that he can access,i mist his cage ALOT,so much that every leaf is soaking wet so he may drink from it,i mist him(not directly). And about the shower,do i turn the shower on,put him in the tub and let it pelt on him? Im wondering if this would hurt him or not:( And Im gonna schedule another vet apointment for him. Plz respond. Thank you.
Showering technique:
Place a large plant or large branches from a tree in the shower. Run the water so that the temperature feels barely warm (not cold-not hot) on your arm. Aim the finest spray against the wall of the shower so the drops bounce off and splash onto the plant or branch. We also recommend placing a couple of towels on the bottom of the shower - just don't block the drain.

If you use a fresh-cut leafy branch from outside, you can let the shower rinse it off before adding your cham. You can also use the towel to help prop it up against the wall. You want at least half of the plant or branch to be getting spray.

Keep an eye on the cham through the door or curtain - you don't want him to flounder and fall. Let him stay in there for 15 minutes at least. You can repeat this 2 to 3 times per day.

Hope that helps....
Also were should i place him,were the water drips off the plant,or away from it?

I'd place him near where the drops are falling to start. Try to encourage him to stay in that spot for the duration. It won't do much good if he can't get moisture in his eyes - as well as be stimulated to drink.

When they get dehydrated, the eyes lose lubrication, and the showering helps replace that as well as providing them a massive rain to drink from. Breathing in the high humidity helps too.

If he can't wash his eyes - you may have to buy some sterile saline solution (in the drug store) and drip that over his eyes to help them lubricate.

Good luck with the showers...
Ok,well here is what i did. I took his cage,put it over the tub/shower,made sure that the water didnt hit the cage,and it got real humid in there,left him in there for almost 30min. I just let him get humid,is it still important to get him stimulated from the water,and what should I put him in while hes getting dripped on?
Howdy Bucky,

What part of the world are you located?

Don't forget to fill-in the info that's in the link that Brad posted :).

It is true that severely dehydrated chameleons can have sunken eyes as a symptom but sunken eyes doesn't always mean dehydration. Think of it as a response to severe stress of which dehydration is one example. The other info in the link will help us determine if there are other factors at work creating the situation along with dehydration.

I agree with Dave: the other info is needed to help determine what else may be wrong. However, as time is always a big factor in getting a cham some help, I truly think the best avenue at this juncture is a vet visit.

Ok,well here are the stuff from the link brad gave me.

Cage Type -repaterraruim, 24x18x48
Lighting-Im using one big uvb bulb,and 2 basking lights both in the upper back corner of his settup,im keeping them on for bout 9-10 hours a day.
Temperature -its usually around 85-89 degrees non basking, around 94-95 basking.
Humidity -I dont have anything to measure the humidity now.
Location -The cage is located on a small shelf,its a couple feet away from an air vent,barely any human activity goes around the cage,its usualy just me.

Chameleon Info:

Your Chameleon -He is a male blue bar ambilobe panther chameleon,just hit 1 year old july 19th.
Feeding -I am feeding him mainly crickets. I feed him about 8-9 crickets a day(its been hard these last couple days since his eyes have been closed and i havent been able to feed him any:() I am gut loading the crickets with leafy green veggys,and I have water in the cage for the crickets. I dust them once or twice a week with d3 and vit. A.
Supplements -As i said, I dust the crickets once or twice a week with d3/calcium and vit. A.
Watering -I use a dripping system.I have it dripping on a leaf. These past days ive been making sure its very moist in his cage,i just havent been seeing him drink:(.
Fecal Description -They have been brown/black/white.
History -None that I can think of,not any bad history.
Current Problem -Probably dehydration,eye problems.
I did the shower thing a different way. I took the smaller cage he was in when he was little,and i put leaves/branches on the top,aimed the shower on the wall and some of it hit the front of the cage,and the leaves blocked the dirrect water and a whole bunch of water droplets were comin out,he was drinking like crazy:).And in the end both of his eyes were open,he even fell asleep in there:D. But im gonna do this some more times till im assured he is hydrated.
Howdy Bucky,

Sounds like things may be looking up! In addition to the shower-thing, I'd suggest using a hand pump-up plant mister full of warm water to mist him directly. My critters often seek-out and sit under their automated mist nozzles for a 20 minute, twice a day soaking shower.
Possibly a Vitamin A deficiency??

My past Panther Cham had a Vitamin A deficiency (who died from the deficiency) started off with eye problems such as his eyes didn't budge correctly and his eyes didn't open up all the way. Well, after taking him to the Vet about his eye problems, the Vet misdiagnosed him as having a very mild URI even though she couldn't be sure. Well, it was clear to me that it was not a URI even when my Cham was on Baytril and didn't improve. It turns out that even though I gutloaded the crickets, it still didn't provide the Vitamin A needed such as Silkworms which eat the mulberry mash can provide lots of Vitamin A.
I know that you said that you do gutload your crickets with lots of greens but I'm wondering why you don't feed your Cham silkworms since it provides that much more nutrients to your Cham?

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