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My female has laid her eggs I can see them through the shadow of the bucket and it looks like a pretty big one. She covered the tunnel up so I misted her a lot and tried to offer a hornworm that she wasn’t interested in she is still sifting through the soil I’m not sure if she is trying to lay more or just being really ocd about covering those eggs she’s been at it since yesterday but the tunnel is completely closed now and she seems to be actually moving dirt from above the eggs to cover the tunnel should I leave her in there and see if she has anymore to lay? She looks extremely smaller than before. This is our first time. Or should I put her back in her enclosure and leave some feeders for her? I don’t want to put the worms in the laying bin and get lost in the dirt through her sifting around


Check instructions here:

From the post, “She is very weak and needs plenty of water and food. First I give her a really long misting to get all the sand off her and she takes several long drinks. Then I give her several feeders (silkworms are excellent at this time) heavily dusted in calcium with no D3. I would highly recommend buying some liquid calcium and keep it on hand for your female. Once I notice that Camille has eggs I give her a drop of liquid calcium once a week until she lays the eggs. After she lays the eggs I give her a drop or two every day for 3 to 4 days. If you don’t have liquid calcium, then heavily dust her feeders with plain calcium for 3 to 4 days after she’s laid eggs. I feed her very well the first fews days after laying and then after 3 or 4 days I put Camille back on her regular feeding and supplement schedule.”

Hope this helps! Congratulations!
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