help! my chameleon is sick!


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help me pls! my chameleon is sick. hes very sluggish lately and his eyes are like hes falling asleep.. what do i need to do?

Could be any number of reasons why your cham is sluggish and has eye problems, please take a look in the health clinic thread intitled

Sticky: recommendations in asking for help, as its almost impossible to answer your questions without providing this info

Also it would be helpfull if you could post a pic

The best advice would be to take him/her to a reptile vet a.s.a.p

You have not even said what species he/she is???
Hello oayl, welcome to the chameleon forums :)

As Neil said, before we can try to help you we need more details. Here is a [thread=66]link to the thread[/thread] mentioned above.
well, hes a veiled chameleon. the problem here in our country is most of the vtes here doesnt even seen a chameleon in his/her life. so i just got to treat him myself. well, today his eyes are now closed it seems like he's sleeping even tho its not nighttime. his color doesnt show anyshade of stress tho.. he's still bright green
There are two things that you need to do at the moment.

  • Make sure your cham continues to get food and water. You might have to provide these manually. What kind of products do you have access to? Anything like pedialyte or reptile products like reptiaid?
  • Find out what is wrong with your chameleon and why he became sick in the first place. This is why we asked for [THREAD=66]your details[/THREAD]. You should provide these for us.
Once the above has been accomplished, hopefully your chameleon can begin his road to recovery. Philippines? A vet with chameleon experience is preferred, but a vet with reptile experience can still help you. There are some good articles here that could help your vet out. Go to the 'article reference' section and check out the articles under 'Health'.
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how do u force feed your chameleon? mine i think is very weak? should i put him indoors and light him 24hrs a day? he's in a exo-terra reptile aquarium btw. and ive been feeding him crickets and mealworms. now he's like sleeping for the whole day and cannot eat. and his body is very limp and seems to be jerking.. i think my cham is dying..:( :( :(
He doesnt sound good. Without the help of a vet he may be to far gone. You can force feed using a syringe. Mix crickets and pedialite into mush and feed using a syringe into his mouth. Reptiaid might help temporarly. Dont think 24 hour lights would help. They need sleep.
how do u force feed your chameleon?
Manual feeding might be a better term; don't force anything. Check out this link for a good recipe: AdCham bug juice.
Try gently putting a drop on your cham's lips with the syringe. He should respond.

Things we know:
Male veiled
Sleeping during the day and acting weak
Kept outdoors?
Fed crickets and mealworms

Too many things we don't know. We can only help so much without more details, sorry. Is he dehydrated? Are his eyes sunken? Descriptions and details please. The link I posted earlier is a good place to start.
yes he is kept outdoors
eyes not sunken but closed
colors arent dark its rather light green but turns to have brown spotted pattern when i try to touch him
hes having a hard time clingin to his tree
i dont think he's getting to drink water
the crickets and meal worms are only fed cabbage and occasional tortoise pellets
no idea what the humidity level or temp his cage is.
Good info. Some questions:

How old is he?
Is he captive bred?
Do you dust the crickets and mealworms with anything? Any calcium source?

I have to leave for work, but will try to check in during the day. If possible I would offer pedialyte and try and find a vet with reptile experience.
hes been with me for abt 2 months now. hes abot 5 inches excluding the tail. captive bred i believe. pedialyte as in the milk for babies? sure will get some asap and try to feed it to him.. tried giving him a small dose of antibiotics tho..
No pedialyte isn't the milk for babies, but it is for babies nonetheless. It is an oral electrolyte maintenace solutuion. Mainly it prevent's dehydration. You can think it down to the babies version of gatorade. It is very helpful in preventing cham dehydration as well. As for giving him antibiotics you have to be real careful, especially since you don't know what's wrong with him. It can wind up doing more harm than good.

You haven't mentioned whether or not you dust his crickets with any vitamin supplements. They need calcium and if he doesn't get enough he can develop MBD, here's a link to some info on it

What I can strongly reccommend is that you take him to a vet as soon as possible, chameleons don't normally show signs of illness until they are in really bad shape so the sooner you get some help the better.
I'm sorry to hear about your loss, I went through one as well last week so I know it's tough. I hope that this doesn't discourage you from taking part in the care and raising of chameleons. They are truly amazing creatures.
Sorry to hear this sad news. However finding a decent reptile vet is essential when keeping chameleons so I suggest you refrain from buying anymore until you can locate a good vet some time in the future.
hi i just wont to no if u can help me on this problem my chameleon is not well he is not doing things that my other one is doing.his eyes r closed not eating the temp is ok cos of my other one is eating she is brill so i dont no +if he is dieing on me how do i tell so only had thenm about 2 weeks now not ad them befor so any ideas please try to help me:plaese :mad::eek:

My very young chameleon died yesterday:( ??
I cant replace him but i would like to know if anyone may know the possible cause!
Cage Type - 45''x45''x60'' eko terra glass

Lighting - eko terra 50w daylight spot, eko terra 13w repti glo 5.0

Temperature - the basking temp was between 30-33 degree Celsius and at the other end of the terrarium would drop probably 8-10 degrees. at night the temp would drop no lower than around 18 in the tank. he was on 12hr on 12 off.

Humidity - the tank with out a sray would be at about 50- 55 percent humidity but i would spray twice a day.

Plants - live plants all washed and re-potted. cheese plant and too others i dont have the names for but they are safe as i did re-search at the time.

Placement - the cage is on its own not near any vents or fans or anything like that its in the living room which is quiet with no other pets. the top of the cage is around 3ft from the floor.

Location - west wales UK

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - veiled chameleon I received very young smallest the pet shop had seen, I had him for nearly 4 weeks.

Handling - I didn't for the first week. then maybe 5 mins every other day. he seemed was very comfortable with this.

Feeding - I was feeding him baby crickets and the odd fly, green fly and small bugs on the plant i bought and cleaned for him for when i would clean the plant. I would gut load the crickets with carrot, potato, orange, apple, greens etc

Supplements - komodo calcium supplement with vit d3

Watering - I would regularly put ice cubes on the top to drip. I misted twice a day and introduced a driper later on.

Fecal Description - his last poo he made was orangey brown slightly runny but his poos before were usually brown and white good consistency.

History - He was very inquisitive eating regularly drinking fine and regularly. He was eating crickets and the odd fly which he seemed to like alot.

Current Problem -
basically this was his life in short:
he turned up in a box in the post to the pet shop, i picked him up amediately and put him in his new home. he went straight out explored drank and ate sum crickets.
After reading you should mix there diet i put in the odd fly (after about a week). A day later he started to shake and walk all twitchy with mbd symptoms. My first thought was maybe it was because i hadn't coated the first days flies with the powder so from then on i coated the flies.
I started to put him in the sun for a while every now and then, he seemed very happy out there and had more energy than before and the shaking stopped. He would regularly catch flies on his plant outside and i would make sure he didnt catch wasp etc. and he seemed fine. he did start to explore the bottom of his tank after going outside looking as if he wanted to escape for the better life in the garden.
towards his last few days alive I saw him eat his crickets and i think the odd one bit him or did something he didn't like and he would look irritated shaking his head. I think this put him off, meaning mayb he wasnt getting the supplements with him eating only the odd fly off the plant.(i think this was the beginning of the trouble) I didn't see him drink for a day so i sprayed warm water to try and encourage him to drink. the next day i saw he looked a little de-hydrated then i saw him fall off his basking point and looked like he couldn't see. At this point i was very concerned i held his mouth to the water and he drank abit but didn't look well at all, i know he hadn't eaten in one day and his eyes became permanently closed. so i looked up similar symptoms and fed him water and a mix of egg yoke, buggs. I went to the pet shop to get reptaid but there was none and the vets was closed til 5.30pm. he got worse threw the day i took him to the vet. he invected water under the skin three time and said to wash his mouth out with water and a hydrating solution. I got home and his mouth was permanently open, he had with what looked like sticky food in him mouth. then he died. :(
I was lucky i work at home and got to watch my chameleon most of the day so i saw problem early.
Any ideas on what may have caused his death?:mad::mad::mad::mad:
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