help me get the vit/dusting in order,


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hello, curious if i am lacking anything or doing to much or to little......i got panthers and veileds, I currently got roaches, super worms and usually crickets when they are locally instock, anyhow i usually gut load , sometimes for several days before feeding, & on average i use shredded carrots, orange peels, apple peels, kale, collared greens, fluckers high calcium cricket diet, and occasionally a DAB of reptolife plus. oh yeah, and cricket quencher for hydration. as far as dusting goes i think the phosphorus stuff throws me off,, i once bought some stuff called???herpa , but after dustimg 2 times i realized that it was "w phosphorus"so i discontinued it and i must of threw it out,,, but any how, the adult panthers eat 7-10 large dubias, or 7 dubias and 2 superworms, every other day and four dusted crickets for snack between meals .the dusting i use is ... repashy super food calcium plus,but i also got reptolife plus, that occasionally i blend with the repashy, (maybe once a month) however the repashy i dust once in every three feedings so 2 times a week. as far as the vields go,,, its about the same but they get several smaller dubias and crickets every day and dust half the feeders every day. so what should i back off of or what should i add?
Repashy makes 2 different products that you have combined in to one, there is Calcium Plus which is a calcium supplement, and Superload which is a dry gutload that you feed to your feeders within 24 hours of feeding.

It sounds to me like you need to do a search on the forums for supplements, and you will find that opinions are wide and varied as to what is the best schedule and which products work. I personally use Repashy supplements and have had very good results. I would also suggest you look up the blog by Sandrachameleon about gutloads, the lady is VERY serious when it comes to providing a LOT of info about gutloads - and getting the gutload right is very important when talking about supplements - as these two things should balance each other out to give your chameleon the optimal nutritional levels through the feeders you are offering.

Good luck and keep asking questions, also use the search feature (top of the page in the green bar) to help with any questions you may have because someone else probably had the same question at some point too.
Repeshey have a new product made for chams. I believe Dr O has done some research into making it. It's called Repeshey SuperCal LoD. It has even less d3 than calcium+.. There are many members on here who use calcium+ with no problems and some who have had issues with it. This new product may be something you might want to look at. Personally I prefer separate supplements.that works for me.:)
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