HELP!! Jackson's Chameleon had babies unexpectedly!!


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I purchased a Jackson's Chameleon female from Repticon in February. I noticed that she had been staying in the middle level of her terrarium lately, but thought maybe the room was warmer bc of summer. Today I went in to feed and spray her and saw 2 dead babies on the bottom, looked around and there are 2 alive. I don't know when she had them and I have no idea how to care for them or even where to start with all this. Please help me!!!
Hi, this just happened to me! They are very hard to keep alive, and are very needy. First you need to move them to a new cage, and get a uvb light on them . The best first food is fruit flies, and later pinhead crickets. More experienced members will be able to provide specifics. Good luck!
i just had my jackson female give birth to 31 jackons are pretty hard to keep alive i found it better to have more food in there then not enough. food food food is what you will need mist them a lot during the day they need a basking spot but the temps cant get hyer then 80 they would need a small live plant just for the water to stick on. i had 31 at once and it was a nightmare taking care of them all at once but 2 should be no problem.. if you need help or have any questions pm me i just went through this so i can help :)
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