HELP! Is she sick?

I'm doing what I can I have a member card for Amazon I get it then pay $25 a month it's easier that way when I dont have much pocket money I have a limit to $800 on there so I'm getting the cage and lighting kit and new plants and a automatic misting


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I do the 12hrs of light and 12 dark. Was told 80s was to high for her. I'm just going by what I'm told on here
I have not seen anyone else comment on here that it was too high for her? You are confusing and shocking her system by removing the light and then putting it back on. It is the equivlent of someone putting you in a dark room and only turning on the light for 2 hours.


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Right hun he is telling you that that is a good basking temp he is thinking that you are talking about your whole cage being that high of heat. He is not saying to take the light off all together. It means dropping your wattage to get the correct temps.


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This fixture for heat. You can use the 100 watt light bulb you have as long as it is just a heat bulb no red color and not a compact uvb. This fixture you can dim down or up the level of heat coming from the bulb to get exact temps.
Yep, I suggest that flukers dimmable fixture for your incandescent heat bulb as well, it works great and will allow you to dim your bulb to the correct temperature. And DEFINITELY get the linear UVB fixture as well, as soon as you possibly can, I do think you need to overnight it at this point.


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Woukd a Repti Sun 10.Omini compact fluorescent lamp 13 watts work with the 60w daylight blue light?
Ok stay away from any uvb bulb that says compact. They are worthless and will still cause a cham to develop MBD. you have to have two fixtures total. 1 heat bulb with dome and 1 t5 ho linear fixture with a 10.0 bulb. So if you are getting a 24 inch fixture you get the 22 inch 10.0 uvb bulb to go in it.
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