Help!!! Dying Cham


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ok so i left to go to a 24 hour paintball game friday and i got back yesterday i had someone taking care og my cham for my but today he is just about lifeless he dosnt resist when i pick him up he barly move he keeps trying to take "naps" hes has not eaten in2 days and i saw him drimk a little yester day i a very worried if i set him on the floor or somthing he will just lay there also thepower was out till about 12:00 yesterday but i dont see how this could effect him plz post replys asap
i just got off the phone with my local hepr vet they said there is no reptile specialist in today and the closest vet they could recomend for me was near philly a 3 hour drive for me i just dont know what to do besides wait till tomarro and hope hes still alive to take to the vet
If he is drinking, I would try to keep him hydrated with H20 and consider trying Pedialyte to drink and as a soak. You could also try giving him a shower and some OTC products like T-rex Hydro-Life, or Herpcare Electrolyte and appetite stimulant made by Mardel (if you know his weight). I've used the herpcare before and it seemed to help, but I don't know how highly recommended it is etc.. See if you can get him in the sun too....I hope your guy hangs in there to see the vet tomorrow.
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i think he just passed im really sad i gave him a shower and setup a cage outside he seemed more alert when i put hime outside but after a half hour or so he just closed his eyes and layed down i quickly brought him inside and ran him under water to get him up and moving again but he just opedn one eye then closed it and has barly moved since i put him back in his encloser in my room i had to lay him on a leaf because he just wolnt move im afraid hes dead but im just not certain i have no idea how he had gotten this way i fed him daily he always had water and i misted 3-4 times a day he has proper lighting and i use calcimise on his water and i use zoo med calcium powder on his crickets im just so confused and dissapointed
I'm sorry you lost your chameleon.
These animals are really specific in their care and even the most experienced and successful keepers on this forum have lost their share.
You haven't had this animal terribly long which makes me wonder if it came with a problem that it was hiding too well for you to recognize.
It's hard to know what to do in the situation you experienced today...and it does no good for someone to tell you what they think you should have done.
If you decide you want to try this again at some point, I think you should research breeders and make an educated decision on where to aquire your animal from. Also keep up on the husbandry research...there's always more to learn and things do adjust and change as we learn more.
Again, so sorry.

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