Help!!! baby ambilobe panther Cham acting weird!

So I saw "him" curled up tail and eyes closed on a branch in the enclosure he's been in for two weeks. "He" was still in the same spot which was kind of unusual so I got worried. Then he woke up and puffed up/gaped and true to bite me for the first time. We have been handling "him" almost every day and never forcefully. Always hand feeds and walks on to my hand. I don't for sure know the sex buti think its a boy around 2-3 months old. About thirty minutes ago I looked over and "he" was on the open cage door small again and very skidding. Is something wrong or just a grumpy wake up???

Pics in my other link here ( I don't know how to re upload em on this thread)

Can you post pictures of your set up?

As for his attitude, it's not thy abnormal especially in a new house with be owners, give him time and do not try to get him from his enclosure. Leave the door open and sit there for a long time until he comes out of the enclosure and then proceed. He need to feel free and trust you, you can even lure him out with treats if you want.
He has been hand feeding and walking on my hand since day two. He has been sleeping since I got home and is still asleep towards the bottom f the cage. I'm worried something is wrong. I can't repost pics for some reason but I linked my other thread that has pics on the first comment
5.0 UVB tube light, good 75 watt day bulb, dripping water occasionally, misting throughout the day, usually eats a lot ( gut loaded and dusted) med reptofogger throughout the day, has been fine the last two weeks and very friendly.

Now he is lower in the cage and I'm assuming sleeping under a leaf. It's 930 pm so I'm turning all the light off and praying it is a lighting/ sleep issue :(
If he is sleeping, then leave him be. That do not like to be woken up when sleeping and it can actually freak them out. Chameleons never sleep during the day at all, just incase you did not know that. If they do. then there is a problem. What is the glass dish in there for? As stated by others, you need way more plants and branches and up towards the top of the cage. Your chameleon will need to be able to get under the basking light to warm up. Do not put the branch or vine too close or they can get burned. About 6-8 inches down. What kind of lights are you using? What are your temps? Humidity?? Can you post some pics of your chameleon?.
they are creatures of habit, I would strongly recommend to put all the lights on a timer.

you mentioned you would turn the lights off at 9:30

My lights go on at 7:30 and go off at 7:30 all four of them go to a dedicated spot in their cages, every day, and they start moving around 7:45am
your basking temp should be higher than that for a young panther. I would bump that up to about 90. Again, what is glass dish in there for??
He opened his eyes when I turned the lights on this am but not too active. Ill let you know more when I get home.

The glass dish was for drainage from my dripper
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