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Idk how to work this website well, cant seem to figure out how to add info to my profile?


i just got a juvi veiled chameleon from fl chams. Hes from the driskel bloodline, and his name is frisbee!

my picture right now is my snow bengal cat, stono, because i want frisbee to get used to his cage.

i just got a 2x2x4 reptibreeze for him, which i kind of sectioned off so its not too overwhelming. Ill post some pics tomorrow, im hoping anyone who has a driskel bloodline, or veiled at all can give me some advice! So far he seems pretty happy.

my roomate also has a baby bearded dragon that is growing like crazy! (Dif cages of course)

ill post here regularly with updates and please hmu if you have a cham from FLChams!!



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Welcome and I used to own a veiled chameleon from flchams and he was doing really good no issues at all but other members on here have had issues with theirs from flchams as fas as parasites and other stuff. It would be recommended you get a fecal exam done. Other then that welcome to the forum
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