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My Name is Dave and I live in NC. I just wanted to introduce myself after lurking and reading this forum for the past few years. I am 47 and have kept reptiles from an early age. I have about 10 years experience with Jacksons and have been succsesful in breeding them in the past. About 6 years ago I had to sell the collection due to career obligations but always wanted to return to my favorite animal, the Chameleon. I have always been very interested in the Deremensis. Fortantly my career is now stable and I have the time to devote to my favorite pastime; Chameleon husbandry. I would like to aquire a Deremensis in the near future. I already have a secure sunroom with a 7 foot Fig tree and other Chameleon friendy plants just waiting for a 3-horned Giant however I am willing to wait for the perfect Sire and Dame to possibly breed in the future. I also have 3 huge screened enclosures from my days breeding Jacksons. To all you Chameleon Forum members I appreciate your storys and education you have provided me over the past few years. Before computers were the in-thing I depended on CIN (Cham Info Network) & reading books to get CHAM info. I am lucky to have just about every issue of CIN and a decent CHAM Library! If anyone knows of any breeders with Deremensis clutchs available now or in the near future please PM me. Once again Thanks for the great info on this web site you guys do a great job of keeping it clean, educational & entertaining!!!!


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Welcome! Not too many people are working with Dermensis-so it will be very exciting if you stay on and keep us advised of your progress. We will keep our eyes out for a nice pair for you!


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Hello Dave,nice to have you joint us. I know a couple of friends who work with Deremensis. I will see if anyone have any to talk to you about.:)


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hey Dave glad to see you join the forum looks like you may have some great knowlege to share cant wait!!


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Thanks to all for the kind welcome. I look forward to sharing my knowledge & experience with other forum members. Now its time to dig in, find a chameleon and let the work begin.

Best Regards....Dave
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